This is my short and sweet letter to Mrs. Obama asking for her help with my event.


Dear First Lady of the United States,

Lets compare calandars.  I am looking for a date that you could host the first ball announcing the search for the next Multiple Sclerosis spokesperson.  I know you have a personal connection with this horrific disease, as do I.  My main goal, besides finding a cure, is raising awareness and a spokesperson would be the first person to help us achieve this.

Please help this cause, but more importantly help my sister.  Do this for your Dad who suffered from MS.

Thank you,
Kaitlyn Halamuda

All it takes is one night.  I have illustrated multiple celebrities with Multiple Sclerosis who could help promote the event and bring MS to the spotlight.


Orange is the official MS color, therefore I have centered my whole blog around this.
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Focusing In

So now that I have announced my plan for the next search for a new MS spokesperson, I am going to focus in.

The CEO of Nintendo was my original change agent.  Even though I am now holding an event, I still want Nintendo involved and Satoru Iwata is still my change agent.

I want Nintendo to be the official sponsor of this event and give out wii’s as raffle prizes.  Many tables will be filled with potential MS spokespeople, as well as Multiple Sclerosis patients, so it is still very efficient to give out wii’s.  As my sister stated in her interview, she can’t work a full time steady job because some days you can’t get out of bed.  These Nintendo’s would still be a benefit to the MS community, even if just given as raffle prizes.

This is a perfect change that just three people can make.  Those “three musketeers” would be Michelle Obama, Satoru Iwata, as well as myself. Us three CAN make a difference.

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Personal Insight

The whole reason behind this blog and the topic of Multiple Sclerosis is because of my sister.  She has suffered from MS for many years now and I try to help her in any way possible.  This blog is the LEAST I can do!

I have interviewed her and the following are her answers:

On her knowledge of the disease before Diagnosis: “I had heard of MS before my diagnosis in 1999, but I didn’t know anything about it.  After diagnosis I research, read and talked to people and became involved with the MS Society to get more information.”

On what has changed in her life because of the disease: “There is not one particular thing in general that I can’t do, but lots of things are much more difficult than they used to be.  I can’t work a permanent job due to the fact that with MS, you can wake up one morning and not be able to see or not be able to move on side of your body.  Things with MS all depends on the day and how MS management is going.  Flare ups or attacks in MS can strike at anything and be brought on by a lot of different factors including overall health and stress.”

On the idea of a spokesperson: “I feel the best spokesperson are everyday people like the rest of the world who have the disease. But, I do feel celebrity spokespeople are also beneficial because they bring the money and the ability to raise money and advocate on a much larger scale than everyday people.”


My two amazing sisters and I at the MS Walk for a Cure where I served as team captain of the Super Sisters. This is the year I raised $10,000 for the disease. Michele is in the middle.

My sister Michele is the most inspirational person I know and someone I admire so much.  When looking for a spokesperson I am going to take in mind what she said about a celebrity vs. someone who has the disease!

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The Search for the Next MS Spokesperson

As talked about in my last post, Annette Funicello served in 2002 as the Multiple Sclerosis spokesperson.  After doing more Multiple Sclerosis research, I found out there needs to be someone to speak to our demographic (young adults).

This is my proposal.

I want Michelle Obama to host an event in Washington DC to announce the search for the next Multiple Sclerosis spokesperson.


– Passion/ Credibility/ Can speak to our demographic


Example of the type of event we would have:

There will be tables for sale at the event and all the money will go towards MS research.

More details will be revealed in the next posts!

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Celebrities with MS

The best way to raise awareness about the disease is through celebrities.  They have the ability to reach a wide range of people, and many people idolize them.  Some of the main celebrities are as followed:

Montel Williams

Montel Williams is a TV personel with the show “The Montel Williams Show”.  Montel has even created his own foundation for Mutliple Sclerosis.  He has written a book, as well as songs where all the proceeds go straight to Multiple Sclerosis research.

Annette Funicello

Annette is essentially the spokesperson for MS with the older demographic.  Annette is Walt Disney’s most popular Mickey Mouse Club cast member, as well as a beach icon as she grew up.  The baby boomer demographic grew up idolizing Annette and America was saddened when she was diagnosed with MS in 1987.  In 2002, she became the ambassador of all the MS Walk events.

Michelle Obama (her father)

To me, Michelle Obama is the most important celebrity associated with MS.  Being the first lady, many admire her and look up to her and she can use this power to raise awareness of MS.  One thing that got my attention is a quote about her father’s struggles with MS that she presented at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

“My Dad was our rock. Although he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in his early thirties, he was our provider, our champion, our hero. But as he got sicker, it got harder for him to walk, it took him longer to get dressed in the morning. But if he was in pain, he never let on. He never stopped smiling and laughing — even while struggling to button his shirt, even while using two canes to get himself across the room to give my Mom a kiss. He just woke up a little earlier, and worked a little harder.”


Twist on My Change

I am planning on using the First Lady, as my allies to my current change agent (CEO of Nintendo). I am going to propose an event with the help of Mrs. Obama combined with a Nintendo partnership.

You will learn more about this in the next few posts.

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Where the Wii ties in

So now is the time where I get to how MS connects with the Nintendo Wii…

This disease is monstrous. It puts the majority of people out of work, because the attacks are random and you never know when you will have to take off work. I am fortunate my sister has a job and can afford the wii!  However, she and I both know many people living with the disease who are unable to keep a job.

The Wii has been PROVEN to help with balance and hand-eye coordination there helping to prevent attacks or lessen them. This is an amazing tool for people with MS and pretty much the closest current thing to a cure.  It is sad that this tool can really help, but so many cannot afford it.

The Wii is currently selling for:


This totals to over 300 dollars with tax!

Maybe for someone with a job this doesn’t sound like a lot, but for people having to live off disability because this disease is slowly tearing their life apart $300 is a lot of money.

I beg you Satoru Iwata (CEO of Nintendo), Help make peoples lives bearable by giving discounts on the Wii to MS patients!

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It is MS awareness month

March is Multiple Sclerosis awareness month.

What perfect timing for my blog.  Because my sister has MS and there is no cure, the ONE thing I want more than ever is to raise awareness of the disease.

Cancer is such a well known disease and I hope that one day Multiple Sclerosis can be the same. They need all the help with fundraising they can get so they can one day in my sister’s and my lifetime, find a cure!

For this month, the MS has set up a campaign called MS =.  They twitter type page where you can say what MS means to you.  They also have a real twitter feed going where you can tweet with the hasthag #MSequals. They also have associated fundraising events all over the country where all of the proceeds are donated to MS research.

This is what I wrote: MSequals

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